Friday, May 16, 2014

Sketch of Navgrah Vatika with plants/trees, colours, direction and image of each grah.

Friday, August 16, 2013


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isM+ iapk;r
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Role of Trees in Life of Children

Prabodh Raj Chandol
Ped Panchayat
Mob: 9873002562

Role of Trees in Life of Children

The learning process of all the living beings starts with their birth and continues till the end of their lives. This process among the children of humans differs from the other living beings because human being start observing, thinking, communicating by language, forming opinion, plans and ideas and implementing those in a systematic manner by analyzing the things before doing what they see in their surroundings. The most perfect age of Children for the development of their intelligence is between 3 to 6. The children of this age require the special attention of their parents because they start analyzing all the things they see in their surroundings. The children of this age often raise questions to their parents and sometimes parents even found themselves handicap in answering the children’s queries. Today children’s world has confined to computer, TV, mobile and videogames. Playing in the ground has become limited to the children who belong to poor families. There is need to change this situation by coming back to the older time when the parents used to allow their children to work with them together to teach them life’s basics. Although clearing capacity of each child differ because of age, family and social conditions etc. but in an atmosphere of presenting the things in meaningful manner is the best way to teach children. While working with other people in a friendly way they were allowed to draw their own conclusions subject to rectify them wherever necessary. In such situations parents used to be very flexible while guiding the children to adopt their life style. For coming back to that situation we will have to turn off the computer, TV and video games to divert the attention of our children to the different world.
Plantation and gardening with children is one of the best ways of teaching children. Trees are our best friends and they play very important role in our life. They give us timber which we use in making houses, train compartments, huts, boxes, furniture, carts, agricultural tools etc., they gives us food, gum and medicine, we are alive because we get oxygen from them. Trees control pollution and absorb carbon dioxide, they improve our environment, make our land green and beautiful, provide us flowers and make us healthy. Spending time with trees, sitting under them and talking with them release our mental tension and stress and rejuvenate our energy . They cause rainfalls, protect water bodies and maintain ground water level. They prevent floods and drought.
The plantation and gardening play an important role to improve the personality of children physically, mentally and spiritually. During doing plantation the children work together, laugh, learn, play and help each other which develop a unique and impressive character among them.
Planting tree saplings or seedlings involve lot of physical movements like digging holes, activity for keeping stones and twigs away from soil, planting seedling, covering plant roots with soil and watering plants etc. Using tools like hoes, secateurs, pickaxe, trowel, spade, shower and shovels etc increases physical movements of children and makes their muscles and body strong. Brain development and formation of learning capabilities depends on physical condition of a child.
Every child has genius potential and requires right direction of education to develop child’s potential it has. Physical growth takes places because of brain development and this is also true contrarily that physical development stimulates mental development of a child. The activity of planting trees increases learning capacities of children because body and brain work together in this activity. They come to know about the nature and its creations in shape of different type of vegetations i.e. about the plants which are useful and contain medicinal values or the plants and trees which are food provider not only to human being but other living beings too. Similarly they come to know about the importance of trees and plants in this world. Children love to explore the unknown so they learn to identify about the different plant species, their family including the species of dangerous or poisonous plants. It is must to keep all plants out of the reach of small children or pets.
We become personally attached to the tree we plant or that we see every day. Many people may have many childhood memories of their lives related to trees and plants. Everyone reacts with pleasant, relaxed and comfortable feeling in the presence of trees. Trees provide us oxygen that makes us surviving on this earth. They have wide variety of uses in our life but in turn they never ask us to do something special for them. They teach us to live in harsh conditions, keep patience and provide selfless services to others.
My dear all children, trees are our true friends and we must take a pledge to plant and protect them. I will suggest you to get ready and plant a tree every year at least on your each birthday. I assure you that by doing this you will feel a sense of satisfaction and live peacefully by facing all the hurdles in your life.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012

                                                    CORDIAL INVITATION 

            Subject:          Celebration of World Environment Day at DSB
                                    International School, Shyampur, Rishikesh
                                    Uttarakhand, India on 5.6.2012 at 10.00 a.m.


            It is my great pleasure to invite you for the celebration of World Environment
Day on 5th June, 2012  at DSB International School, Shyampur, Rishikesh
Uttarakhand, India on 5.6.2012 at 10.00 a.m.
            Many environmental experts, educationists, scientists, NGOs’ representatives, public representatives, government authorities, students and children have been invited for participation in the celebrations of WED 2012 at above mentioned venue. We extend this invitation to you with the hope that you will grace the occasion by your active participation.
            Theme 2012 is ‘Green Economy: Does it include you?’.The experts will share their views on environment protection and ways to preserve endangered species of plants on this occasion.      
            Arrangement of stay in Rishikesh for the delegates from Delhi and outsiders has been made.
             No TA/DA will be paid by Ped Panchayat for the purpose of attending this event.

            You are requested to kindly accept my invitation and oblige.
Yours faithfully
(Dr. S.N.Mishra)                                                                                                
(Programme Coordinator)                                                                                           (Dr. P. R. Chandol)
Mob. 9259739397                                                                                                      Member-Secretary
Mob: 9873002562

B-328, M.I.G. Flats, East of Loni Road, Delhi-110093
e/mails:, pedpanchayat@gmailcom